About us

Company History
Meyers Supply has been a reliable supplier of health and beauty care and general merchandise to the retailers of central New England since it's foundation in 1939. The Company's founder, William Meyers, supplied local merchants until 1950, when the company was purchased by the Brucato family. They expanded the business, moving the Company to Waterbury, Connecticut, and operating out of a small twenty-four hundred square foot warehouse with four employees.

The company's next move was made in 1956 when we moved to Hamilton Avenue in Waterbury. The number of employees increased to 15 and our warehouse space had expanded to eight thousand square feet.

In 1967, the company's growth required another move to Prospect, Connecticut. This new facility had fifteen thousand square feet of warehouse space to support the Company's expanding business. In 1969, a new generation of the Brucato family took over; two additions were made to the prospect location, and eighty employees were working in a thirty-four thousand square foot warehouse.

In 1975, computer systems were added to increase efficiency and to handle the growth the company was experiencing. Presently, the company has one of the most sophisticated order processing facilities in the service merchandising industry.

In 1982, the Company once more outgrew it's facilities. A new building was constructed in Naugatuck, Connecticut with fourty-three thousand square feet of warehouse space. This building was expanded in 1986 to sixty-three thousand square feet. For the next two decades, Meyers Supply built up its market share based on its reputation for delivering exceptional and reliable service. In 2007, the Company joined the Information Networks Inc. (INI) family of companies. For 30 years, INI has been at the cutting edge of transaction technologies and customer support. Together, INI and Meyers Supply combine the latest in information technology with the reliability and attention to detail of a family-run business to provide a level of service unparalleled in the supply industry. The Company's objective is to maintain a dominant position in supplying central New England with health & beauty care and general merchandise. Over twelve hundred stores are currently customers of ours and our strength lies in servicing the needs of our customers at all times, at a level which continues to grow and impress.