Meyers Supply is a service company, first and foremost. Our experienced team works hard to put the right merchandise on your shelves, each item individually selected and labeled for your store. We're local, allowing for emergency service runs if necessary. Small enough to care about each customer yet large enough to service the largest supermarkets, Meyers Supply is raising the bar for full-service distribution.

Labor Saving
Meyers Supply offers a complete line of labor-saving services to reduce costs, improve operating efficiency, and optimize retail space. Our team takes care of ordering product and stocking shelves. Our automatic replenishment program combines the point-of-sale with inventory management, sending new product when inventory is sold. We offer personell training. Best of all, we're a local company: you can carry less inventory, have more cash on hand, with faster product turnaround times and higher profits.
Logistics and Distribution
Armed with the latest L&D technology, we don't stop at reliably supplying you with the hottest items; we also lower expenses, erase inventory headaches, and provide peace-of-mind. Meyers Supply provides backhaul services to collect unsold merchandise. For added convenience and cost-reduction, we offer pre-ticketed products. Our crossdock technology gives us the fastest delivery times in the industry. And most importantly, we offer full service Direct Store Delivery (DSD) to every store.
21st Century Computing
Direct input to the point-of-sale has replaced Electronic Data Interface (EDI) as the new standard in state-of-the-art business-to-business communications. Lowering costs and maintenence needs, Direct Interface is a simple and effective solution to inventory management. Meyers Supply transaction and inventory technology is handled by Zwush and NuMoney. All three companies are part of the Information Networks family, allowing central organization and insuring that transactions are handled smoothly from start to finish.
We Help You Sell
Sales isn't easy. Product choice, marketing strategies, promotional programs, product displays and price strategies all require time, effort, and market research. Meyers Supply does it all for you. We place the hottest products in your store, supported by field-tested marketing strategies. We provide displays, promotional packaging, and seasonal products. Our experienced marketing team creates store floorplans and pricing strategies. We are here to help you sell!